About Us

A local small business making a big difference!

From being featured in national newspapers to giveaways and community events, one thing we're big on is giving back to the San Diego community, now for over 14 years!


Our customers tell us the same thing over and over again “We appreciate your honesty.” Being in the service industry for over 14 years, we now understand that this very quality, HONESTY, is what separates us from the crowd.

Starting with the service call, which is only $25 with us, comparing to the industry standard of up to $99. We will come out and diagnose your entire issue and educate each client regardless of what dollar amount we make.

Our new appliances carry a manufacturer warranty of up to 5 years, used pieces include warranty of 90 days to a year and our labor is warrantied for up to 120 days. We stand behind all the work we do.

Our Team

The amazing people that make it happen!

Appliance Repair that makes sense!

Have you ever called an Appliance Service company and by the time the service was completed, you were left with a multi hundred dollar invoice and a very vague explanation of services performed? That's exactly what we DO NOT do.

Our Story

From a tiny, single man company, ran from a small garage off Clairemont Mesa Boulevard to San Diego's preferred appliance repair vendor. The only authorized repair facility for all major brand appliances.



We have the right tools to diagnose all popular brand appliances, the first time around. No need to waste time with multiple inspections, get it done right and save time! Our technicians are certified and will get the job done quick.


Do it yourself

Yes, repairing an appliance yourself can save you a buck or two, but consider hiring a professional to avoid an electrical accident and voiding the manufacturer warranty. You would not try to repair your car’s transmission yourself, would you?


Alexa, check the stove

Repairing modern appliances is no simple task. Units made in recent years, especially in 2018 and 2019, brought a ton of technology integration. Including safety remote shut off for your stoves from your smart phone.

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